TUNING-BLOG Samsung TV New Gear VR Spotted In The Wild

New Gear VR Spotted In The Wild

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alcatel-vr-7It is no longer a secret that Samsung is going to show the redesigned Gear VR headset alongside the Note 7. The new Gear VR will have a hybrid design that will enable the previous generation phones such as the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 to be used with it. The main distinguished feature, when compared to the previous generation Gear VR, is the inclusion of the USB Type-C port as well as position tracking.

While the usual retail price was 100 euros/ $100, the upgraded headset will have a price tag slightly cheaper at 90 euros. This bit of information leaked thanks to the European retailers who are eager to court early customers.

if a prominent blogger is to be believed, the headset will come bundled with the Note 7. This strategy has particularly been effective in pushing the virtual reality to the masses when the Gear VR was offered free of cost to anyone who preordered the Galaxy S7.

But given the high price of $800 for the base model Note 7, we kind of expect a free VR headset.

One thing is still unclear. The headset has a USB Type-C port that can accommodate the Note 7 but the other compatible handset sports a micro USB port. The method in which Samsung fits these handsets in the headset is unclear. I am expecting a small inbox adapter that has female micro USB on one side and a female USB Type-C port on the other for establishing the connection.

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