TUNING-BLOG Tablets [Official] Samsung Tab S3 Release Date

[Official] Samsung Tab S3 Release Date

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Samsung Tab S3 Official Release Date

Samsung is going to release Tab S3, the next iteration of the Galaxy Tab S series in September. Though, we heard a lot of rumor about the where about of this new Android tablet, but the latest news came directly from Samsung’s own official website, but the text is in Colombian.

As the website is in Colombian, we did a quick Google translation, but apart from the release date there is not much to discuss about. Samsung says the device will have better performance then the Tab S2 (No doubt about that). No information about the hardware though.

Samsung Tab S2 was a great tablet and Samsung changed a lot of thing from the first Tab S, like the aspect ratio. Tab S had a 16:10 apect ratio but Tab S2 has 4:3 aspect ratio.

We are expecting the Tab S3 will have same screen size and aspect ratio as the Tab S2 (9.7 inch). Also, we think that there will be both Exynos and Qualcomm Snapdragon variants.

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