A lot of our personal data is present in the Web. The fact that such things as correspondence, bank accounts, intellectual property and another information should be reliably protected. For this reason, all web resources used login procedure for the protection of these valuable things. Until strangers have no access to your account all date is secured. So, you should agree that our logins must be highly protected. The following information can help you to conduct it properly.

Firstly, learn some tips which definitely will increase your chances of the account securing.

  • Your password must consist of both numbers and letters. And do not tie it to the event, it must be absolutely random.
  • Use special program to create a reliable combination without any difficulties.
  • Use difficult secure question. Moreover, only you should be aware of the answer.
  • Use phone login confirmation if it is allowed.
  • Do not miss the browser’s security signals and check them.

It is also necessary to take a responsible approach to the issue of daily account use. Your data can be stolen if you visit an unsecured website. To avoid such situation never enter the password unless you notice a lock icon in the search line. This sign shows that the web resource is fully protected, so that even if someone is watching your surfing in the internet, they can not view your password. Your browser should predict you in case of using an unsecured or dangerous website.

Pay attention to importance of a double protection! Tie your account to the personal phone number. And even if attackers have your password, they can’t log in to your account unless receive agreement from the phone. Additionally, it can be used as an alert when someone tries to log into your account.

Hope this information will be useful for you. Protect your data carefully!